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Vietnam War PowerPoint Presentation

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"Excellent resource. I was very happy with the content of this presentation. I used it in conjunction with our textbook and it helped the information come to life." - Eileen O., May 10, 2017

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PowerPoint presentation: 26 slides

Objective: To examine the causes and effects of the Vietnam War.

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Topics Covered:

-       Vietnamese civil war

-       Vietcong

-       U.S. support of South Vietnam

-       Domino theory

-       Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

-       Jungle warfare

-       Agent orange

-       Anti-war protests

-       Kent State massacre

-       Tet Offensive

-       Fall of Saigon

-       Civil war in Cambodia

        -       Khmer Rouge

Key Terms and People

-       Ho Chi Minh

-       Ngo Dinh Diem

-       Robert McNamara

-       Pol Pot


-      Video clip: Robert McNamara in “Fog of War” (3:34)

-      Video clip: Vietnam War Tactics (3:24)

-      Video clip: Country Joe and the Fish at Woodstock (3:18)

-      Video and Audio: “Ohio” by, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (3:08)

-      Video clip: The Tet Offensive (4:53)

-      Video clip: The Fall of Saigon (3:01)

-      Video clip: "Pol Pot’s Shadow" (24:34)

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