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U.S. Involvement in Iraq PowerPoint Presentation

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"Great materials!" - Renee S., May 15, 2017

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PowerPoint presentation: 13 slides

Objective: To examine the history of conflict between Saddam Hussein, the former leader of Iraq, and the United States.

Topics Covered:

-          Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

-          Persian Gulf War / Operation Desert Storm

-          Kurdish No-Fly Zone

-          Saddam Hussein’s crimes against humanity

-          Persecution of the Kurds

-          2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq

-          Weapons of mass destruction

-          2010: end of U.S. combat role in Iraq

Key Terms and People:

-          Saddam Hussein

-          President George W. Bush

-          Vice-President Joe Biden


Video – Operation Desert Storm (3:25)

Video - CNN's eyewitness to Halabja chemical attack (4:50)

Video – Iraqis Celebrate U.S. Troop Withdrawal (3:03)

Video – U.S. Troops Will Stay in Iraq Until December, 2011 (2:52)

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