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Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan PowerPoint Presentation

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"Great resource!" Lindsey Laseter, September 24, 2015

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PowerPoint presentation: 20 slides

Objective: To examine the causes of the Cold War.

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 Topics Covered:

-          Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe

-          Iron curtain

-          Truman Doctrine

-          Marshall Plan

-          German occupation zones

-          Formation of East Germany and West Germany

-          Blockade of West Berlin

-          Berlin airlift

 Key Terms and People:

-          Winston Churchill

-          President Harry Truman

-          Secretary of State George Marshall

-          Joseph Stalin


Video / Audio clip: Winston Churchill delivers "The Sinews of Peace" (5:14)
Audio clip: Harry Truman explains the Truman Doctrine
Video clip: Marshall Plan (2:10)
Video clip: Berlin Blockade and Airlift (1:35)
Video clip: Overview - The Berlin Wall (3:03)
Video clip: The "Candy Bomber" of the Berlin Airlift (3:54)

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