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The Conservative Revolution PowerPoint Presentation

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"Very thorough!" - Effie S., January 26, 2014

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PowerPoint presentation: 16 slides

Objective: To examine the economic policies of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Topics Covered:

-          Conservative revolution of the 1980’s

-          Reagan’s economic plan / “Reaganomics”

-          Trickle down economics

-          Budget deficits

-          Tax cuts

-          Balanced budgets

-          Recession

-          1990’s health care plan

-          Contract with  America

-          Strategic Defense Initiative Organization  (SDIO) / “Star Wars”

-          Destruction of the Soviet economy / end of the Cold War

-          Glasnost

-          INF Treaty

Key Terms and People:

-          President Ronald Reagan

-          President George H.W. Bush

-          President Bill Clinton

-          Hillary Rodham Clinton

-          Newt Gingrich

-          Mikhail Gorbachev


-          Video clip: Ronald Reagan Advocates Small Government (:46)

-          Video clip: President George H.W. Bush proclaims “Read my lips. No new taxes.” (:14)

-          Video clip: Face to Face - Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev (:30)

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