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"Your PowerPoint presentations have been invaluable to me in my student teaching this year. As I went through the approved course of study from North American Native Americans to World War II, your presentations with reading strategies and worksheets were such a great help. Your work has been such a help to so many of us. I just wanted to say thank you. Your work is really a great service to all."
- James Truly
Mobile County Public Schools
Mobile, AL


"Your website is absolutely fantastic! The PowerPoints are great. I teach U.S. History I and II and when searching for sample PowerPoints, I was directed to your page. I can't thank you enough. You are a life and time saver! Thanks, again!"
- Jennifer Varin
Millbury Jr. – Sr. High School
Millbury MA


"I am a Social Studies teacher in Arizona and I have been using your website. I wanted to say thank you because this is my first year teaching Social Studies and your PowerPoints have been a HUGE help."
- Angela Puma
Phoenix Preparatory Academy
Phoenix, AZ


"The time and efforts put into Mr. Berlin's PowerPoints pay off many times over. Social Studies texts are plain boring. For my students, learning is best when I use lots of multimedia. Mr. Berlin's PowerPoints add information not in the text while the custom animations and video clips add multimedia sparks to our class that fuel greater understanding of U.S. History. I have used many of Mr. Berlin's PowerPoints in 4th through 8th grade classrooms. Thanks!"
- Russ Gladden
First Presbyterian Day School
Macon, GA


"I cannot properly express how helpful your website has been to me. I am a career-changer and started teaching 7th grade Social Studies in New York City in September, 2008. I stumbled across your website and it saved my life. In addition, it eliminated approximately 3 hours a night of work for me. You can do the math on that. I laugh in class when the students notice that you put a "joke" in the presentation and they ask me "what kind of life do you have (referring to me)? Do you go home every night and spend hours thinking up these corny jokes? The addition of the class notes has also been great. I use them every day now and it has cut down on a lot of unnecessary conversation in the classroom. They no longer complain about taking notes and even the most distracted student can keep up with filling in the blanks. They are also great study tools. Thank you again for all your help."
- Michael Kaufman
Roberto Clemente Intermediate School 195
New York City, NY


"I am a home schooling mom. I happened upon your website while searching for information on teaching map skills. I love your site and wish we lived in your area. I might consider public school if I knew my child could attend your class!"
- Leslie Riekena
Spanaway, WA


"I am always glad to find another resource for my students. Our school is mainly composed of high risk students. This is the first year in which our school has been able to use PowerPoints because we have not had projectors in our classrooms. Thanks for the PowerPoints!"
- Ted Ellis
New Horizons High School
Greenville, TX


"I am a social studies teacher in an international school in Costa Rica. I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your PowerPoints. Thank you so much for putting them online. My students really enjoy them."
- Will McCorkle
Country Day International School
San Jose, Costa Rica