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Sit-Ins and Freedom Rides PowerPoint Presentation

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"Another excellent PPT from Mr.B!" - Nan E., July 17, 2016

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PowerPoint Presentation
: 16 slides
Objective: To examine the importance of sit-in's and freedom rides to the success of the civil rights movement.
Key Terms and People:
- sit-in
- Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
- Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
- James Lawson
- Rev. C.T. Vivian
- picketing
- Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
- Diane Nash
- Freedom Rides
- Boynton v. Virginia
- William Mahoney
- Jim Peck
- Governor John Patterson
- John Lewis
- Jim Zwerg
- Robert F. Kennedy
Video clip: James Lawson's workshops in nonviolence (4:16)
Video clip: Footage of the sit-in movement in Nashville, TN (22:43 in two parts)
Video clip: CNN - SNCC's legacy: A civil rights history (5:57)
Video clip: Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. speaks on the topic of racial discrimination (:30)
Video clip: Diane Nash: Student Leader (4:45)
Video clip: Freedom Riders - The Movement (4:09)
Video clip: Freedom Riders - The Young Witness (5:00)
Video clip: Interview with Alabama Governor John Patterson after the attacks on the Freedom Riders (:46)
Video clip: Jim Zwerg from the hospital (:55)
Video clip: More about Jim Zwerg (4:57)
Video clip: Freedom Rides - The Turning Point (3:45)

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