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Scopes Trial / Ku Klux Klan / Marcus Garvey / Election of 1928 PowerPoint Presentation

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"Great way to summarize parts of the 20s. Thank you!" - Elise B., April 24, 2016

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PowerPoint presentation: 29 slides

Objective: To examine the Scopes Trial, the election of 1928 and the intolerance of the 1920’s.


Key Terms and People:

John Scopes


The Origin of Species by, Charles Darwin

Clarence Darrow

William Jennings Bryan

Charles Lindbergh

Spirit of St. Louis

Ku Klux Klan

Great Migration

Marcus Garvey

Universal Negro Improvement Association

Presidential Election of 1928

Herbert Hoover

Alfred E. Smith



Video – The Scopes Monkey Trial (3:00)

Video – Lindbergh’s Transatlantic Flight: Summary (2:11)

Video – Racial Tensions in Omaha: The Lynching of Will Brown (3:47)

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