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International Relations PowerPoint Presentation

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"Good coverage of a broad topic!" -

Objective: To examine the U.S. involvement in Yugoslavia, Grenada, Panama, Somalia and the Middle East peace process.

Topics Covered:

-          Yugoslavian Civil War / War in Bosnia

-          Invasion of Grenada

-          Communism

-          Invasion of Panama

-          Camp David Accords

-          U.S. intervention in Somalia

Key Terms and People:

-          ­President Bill Clinton

-          Manuel Noriega

-          President Jimmy Carter

-          Anwar el-Sadat

-          Menachem Begin


-          Video clip: Civil War in Yugoslavia, 1991 (:52)

-          Video clip: Invasion of Grenada - "Operation Urgent Fury" (2:10)

-          Video clip: U.S. arrest of Manuel Noriega (2:27)

-          Video clip: The assassination of Anwar Sadat (2:52)

        -          Video clip: The True Story of Black Hawk Down (4:32)

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