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Freedom Summer PowerPoint Presentation

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"This is a wonderful addition to our Civil Rights unit!" - Cynthia A., October 21, 2015

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PowerPoint Presentation
: 21 slides
Objective: To examine the causes and effects of the Freedom Summer of 1964.

Key Terms and People:
- Fifteenth Amendment
- poll taxes
- literacy tests
- grandfather clause
- Dr. Manassa Thomas Pope
- Ku Klux Klan
- Michael Schwerner
- James Chaney
- Andrew Goodman
- Mt. Zion Church
- Fannie Lou Hamer
- Civil Rights Act of 1964
- President Lyndon Johnson
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
- Nobel Peace Prize
Video clip: Freedom Summer, 1964 (1:39)
Video clip: Fannie Lou Hamer discussing her eviction and attempt made on her life (1:07)
Audio clip: Fannie Lou Hamer discusses the roots of her activism (:40)
Video clip: Civil Rights Act of 1964 (2:57)
Video clip: Martin Luther King, Jr. accepts the Nobel Peace Prize (:58)

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