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Death of Malcom X, Selma to Montgomery March, and Watts Riots PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation
: 16 slides
Objective: To discuss the major moments in the civil rights movement in 1965.
Key Terms and People:
- Malcolm X
- Elijah Muhammad
- Nation of Islam
- Jimmy Lee Jackson
- March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama
- John Lewis
- Hosea Williams
- Bloody Sunday
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
- Ralph Abernathy
- James Reeb
- 24th Amendment
- poll taxes
- Voting Rights Act of 1965
- literacy tests
- Watts Riots
Video clip: Herman Ferguson discusses Malcolm X's disillusionment with the Nation of Islam (1:49)
Video clip: Herman Ferguson's retelling of the events of Malcolm X's assassination (5:11)
Video clip: Bloody Sunday (2:45)
Video clip: The Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery (7:45)
Audio clip: President Lyndon Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act (4:41)
Video clip: Watts Riots (2:38)
Video clip: Riots in Detroit (4:44)
Video clip: Ask Steve - What Caused the Riots? (1:15)

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