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Cuban Missile Crisis and Arms Race PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint presentation: 23 slides

Objective: To examine the impact of the Cold War on Latin America.

 Topics Covered:

-       Emergence of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. as “superpowers”

-       Cuban revolution

-       Bay of Pigs invasion

-       Cuban missile crisis

-       U.S. blockade of Soviet ships

-       Alliance for Progress

-       Peace Corps

-       Organization of American States

-       U.S. support of El Salvador and Guatemala

-       Sandanistas, Contras, and Nicaragua

-       Iran-Contra Affair

-       Arms race / Sputnik

-       Creation of NASA

 Key Terms and People

-       Fidel Castro

-       President John F. Kennedy

-       Nikita Krushchev

-       President Ronald Reagan


-      Video clip: Bay of Pigs - CIA's Perfect Failure (1:41)

-      Audio clip: JFK takes the blame for the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion

-      Video clip: Cuban Missile Crisis (1:09)

-      Video clip: Arms for Hostages (2:09)

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