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China and the Korean War PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint presentation: 21 slides

Objective: To examine the results of the Chinese civil war and the Korean War

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 Topics Covered:

-       Chinese civil war

-       Nationalists flee to Taiwan

-       Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book”

-       Korean civil war

-       U.N. intervention in Korea

-       Americans pushed to Pusan perimeter

-       Invasion of Inchon / Approaching the Yalu

-       Chinese support of North Korea

-       Truman fires MacArthur

-       Demilitarized zone (DMZ)

 Key Terms and People

-       Chiang Kai-shek

-       Mao Zedong

-       General Douglas MacArthur

-       General Matthew Ridgway

-       President Harry Truman


       Video clip: Douglas MacArthur (3:29)
Video clip: Korean War Summary

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