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2000 and Beyond PowerPoint Presentation

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"Great and quick review!"Courtlyn Long, September 6, 2016

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PowerPoint presentation: 15 slides

Objective: To examine the results of the major elections since the turn of the century.

Topics Covered:
Presidential election of 2000
Supreme Court case of Bush v. Gore
Presidential election of 2004
Presidential election of 2008
Presidential election of 2012
Affordable Care Act / Obamacare

Key Terms and People:
George W. Bush
Al Gore
Ralph Nader
John Kerry
Nancy Pelosi
Barack Obama
John McCain
Mitt Romney

Video clip: CNN: Flashback to 2000, U.S. presidential election recount (2:10)
Video clip: Obama Makes History (3:42)
Video clip: How Obama Won: Election 2012 Breakdown (5:54)

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