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1960 to 1980: From JFK to Jimmy Carter PowerPoint Presentation

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"This saved me lots of time and kept the kids engaged. Thanks!" - Reviewed September 1, 2014

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PowerPoint presentation: 21 slides

Objective: To examine the presidencies of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter.

 Topics Covered:

-          Election of 1960

-          Election of 1968

-          Election of 1972

-          Great Society

-          Medicare

-          Medicaid

-          Economic Opportunity Act

-          Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

-          Vietnam War protests

-          Watergate Affair

-          Election of 1976

 Key Terms and People

-          John F. Kennedy

-          Richard Nixon

-          Lee Harvey Oswald

-          Jack Ruby

-          Lyndon B. Johnson

-          Senator Robert F. Kennedy

-          Sirhan Sirhan

-          Hubert Humphrey

-          George McGovern

-          Spiro Agnew

-          Gerald Ford

-          Jimmy Carter


-          Video clip: The first televised presidential debate in U.S history (1960; JFK v. Nixon)

-          Video clip: News coverage of the assassination of President Kennedy.

-          Video clip: Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby

-          Video clip: President Nixon defends his office on Watergate charges

-          Video clip: Resignation of President Nixon

-          Video clip: President Ford pardons Richard Nixon

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